Nottingham Means Business Members Lunch

20 November 2015 to 20 November 2015 in Nottingham

This month's lunch will be sponsored by Arup and held at the Nottingham Racecourse.

The first speaker will be Mark Fahy from the London Stock Exchange.

The former chairman Paul Southby, now chair of Marketing Nottingham and Nottinghamshire the new agency charged with promoting the city and county to inward investors and business and leisure visitors will be our second speaker and will give an update on how the new place marketing organisation is developing and on NMB’s role within the project.

The main aim of the lunches are to give members an informal briefing and update on key issues relevant to encouraging investment.

There will be a quick NMB update and some short presentations.  Also from time to time ther will be updates from the City and County Chief Executives.

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