Lab Innovations

Lab Innovations is the UK's only show dedicated to the entire laboratory industry.

150+ exhibitors will showcase laboratory equipment, laboratory technology, analytical equipment, life science supplies and much more to thousands of laboratory managers, laboratory technicians and procurement managers.

Richard Wells will be giving a talk on "Hiding in Plain Sight - spotting valuable intellectual property" in the Insights and Innovation Theatre on the first day at 13:30.

The importance of intellectual property is often considered at a strategic level within businesses but can be neglected or misunderstood at the fundamental research front where the intellectual property is often generated. It is vital that research scientists – the key generators of IP, are well-informed about IP. Without a good grasp of the types of invention that can be protected, organisations could be missing out on valuable IP opportunities.

In this talk, Richard will provide the lowdown on IP from a research scientist’s perspective, including:

  • What can and can’t be protected
  • Straightforward modifications that they can make to experiments that can help to secure a broader scope of protection if patent protection is pursued
  • How to think commercially and beyond their current research focus to help obtain protection for a broader scope of products/processes
  • North Ave, Marston Green
    Birmingham B40 1NT