Charlotta Weber

Charlotta Weber

Trainee Patent Attorney

Charlotta joined the chemistry department of Potter Clarkson in 2019, after spending a couple of years in industry.

During her studies she focused on reactor engineering, plant design, modelling and simulation as well as automation. Her knowledge of these topics was broadened through two exchange studies: the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Technical University of Denmark in Copenhagen. 

She did her master’s thesis for leading chemicals company, Borealis, focusing on modelling and simulation, before starting a job as a process development engineer in 2017 where she was involved in the manufacturing processes of polyethylene and polypropylene.  

Charlotta speaks Finnish, Swedish and English.



Chemical engineering, polymers 


Charlotta obtained both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Aalto University in Finland. 


BSc, MSci


In her spare time, Charlotta likes horse riding, running, swimming, cycling and downhill skiing. 


English, Swedish, Finnish