Michael Linehan

Michael Linehan

Senior Associate - Patent Attorney

Michael is a Chartered UK and European Patent Attorney, and his practice involves co-ordinating patent strategies worldwide, with a particular emphasis on quantum computing (hardware and software), cryptography, semiconductor and superconductor systems and software control systems for electronic devices and networks.

Following achieving a first-class degree in physics, Michael pursued a research career at Exeter University, Chalmers University (Gothenburg, Sweden) and Trinity College Dublin.  

His research encompassed work on the mathematical theory of Lie groups and its application to problems in the physics of liquid crystals and quasicrystals. Subjects of particular interest included phase transitions, continuum theory, electro-optics, nonlinear optics, Raman scattering and the theory of liquid crystals comprised of DNA. Michael presented his work at international conferences and in leading journals including Physical Review Letters.  

Michael joined Potter Clarkson in 2012.



Physics, electronic and electrical engineering, and computer software


Michael studied Physics at the University of Exeter and completed his doctorate in Theoretical Physics at the same institution in 2000.  He received a Law degree from BPP University College in London.


BSc (Hons), LLB (Hons), PhD, UK and European Patent Attorney