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Personal profile

MEng, Chartered UK Patent Attorney, European Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney, UK Intellectual Property Litigation Certificate 

Deborah specialises in patent and design matters in a range of engineering fields from the simplest mechanical invention to the latest textile technology. 

In particular, Deborah is practiced in drafting patent specifications, prosecuting patent applications through to grant, managing patent and registered design portfolios that include foreign patent families and advising on patent and registered design strategy. She is also accomplished in carrying out searches for patent documents that are relevant to a client's invention and advising on the patentability of their invention.  

Deborah has experience working with local individuals, SMEs, large international companies as well as companies and universities that are based overseas.  

Deborah is also a regular IP mentor and speaker at various networking events, including events in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University for both their students and network of local businesses.  

Deborah obtained a Masters degree in Product Design Engineering from The University of Glasgow and Glasgow School of Art. During her studies, Deborah undertook courses in Mechanics of Materials and Structures, Advanced Material Technology, Electrical Power Engineering and Microeconomics in Consumer Products. 

In her final year of university, Deborah worked with the governmental research body Marine Scotland Science (MSS), who act to keep marine and coastal environments clean and safe, to develop a portable sediment trap. The trap enables seasonal monitoring of naturally falling particles in small water bodies and is portable for a single user to deploy. The Scottish Government took up the idea and collaboration between MSS and Glasgow School of Art is ongoing. 

Deborah joined Potter Clarkson's Design and Engineering Group in December 2011, worked as an Associate from 2015 and became a Senior Associate in 2018.