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Personal profile

MSci (Hons), PhD, Chartered UK Patent Attorney (CPA), European Patent Attorney (EPA)

Janine studied physics at the University of Nottingham, and carried out her final project work in Shanghai on micro-Raman studies of GaN semiconductors, for which she was awarded the Salmon prize for experimental physics. She stayed at Nottingham for her PhD in the nanoscience group, understanding molecular interactions on surfaces using spectroscopy and microscopy.

During her research she performed experiments at synchrotron facilities in the UK, Sweden and Italy. Janine then moved to Grenoble as a researcher at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, studying the electronic structure of metal atoms in molecules, and working with other researchers based worldwide on projects in physics, chemistry, materials science and geology. Janine published several journal articles on her work during her time in research and presented her work at European conferences.

She joined Potter Clarkson in July 2011 and works in the Electronics and Computing group.