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The graph below shows the evolution of the filing and maintenance costs during a patent's lifetime, as well as the difference in cost between the two filing strategies. This takes into account your patent characteristics, the jurisdictions you want to cover and also the pruning provisions.
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The estimated fees provided above are based on a number of assumptions, and are therefore only an estimate of fees which might be applicable based on currently available information. The information provided here should not be relied upon without first seeking professional advice. The fee calculations which have been used are based on currently available renewal fee information provided by the European Patent Office, fee information provided to Carpmaels & Ransford LLP from local representatives in each country, and current exchange rates provided by a third party (and do not allow for inflation or possible future fee increases). The "UP for currently ratified states" option models the cost of a UP that covers only those states that have already ratified and/or must ratify before the system can come into force, so shows the likely costs when the UP first becomes available. The "UP when all states have ratified" option models the cost of a UP that covers all 24 states that are currently able to ratify, and so shows the likely costs some years after the system comes into force when all states have ratified. The ratification status of each state in the model is based on the best available information, but as ratification status is subject to change without warning this information should not be relied upon without first taking professional advice.