EPO announces new schedule of official fees

08 January 2014


New Official Fees for Divisional Applications

From 1 April 2014, second and subsequent generation divisional applications (i.e. applications divided out from a first, or later, divisional application) will be subject to the following additional fees:

• second generation divisional application: € 210
• third generation divisional application: € 420
• fourth generation divisional application: € 630
• fifth and later generation divisional applications: € 840


• Any second or subsequent generation divisional applications should be filed before 1 April 2014 to avoid the new fees.
• From 1 April 2014, it may be particularly advantageous to file divisional applications at an earlier point in time, because applications divided directly from the original parent application will avoid the new fees.
• Early filing of any divisional application remains advantageous in general terms, since it reduces the number of back renewal fees that must be paid for the application; the new schedule of fees increases renewal fees by approximately 4.5%.


Other Fee Changes

Generally, official fees will increase by between 4% and 5%. However, there are some significant exceptions to this trend:

  Appeal fees increase: € 1240 to € 1860
  European search fees increase: € 1165 to € 1285
  Supplementary European search fees increase: € 1165 to € 1285

Your usual Potter Clarkson representative will be able to advise you on how best to adapt your patent strategy, on individual cases, to account for these changes.

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