Mergers of UK Trade Mark Registrations

24 August 2012

Change in current practice for merger of registrations

The UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) has announced that from 1 October 2012 it will be possible to merge separate registrations only if all of the existing registrations:

1. have the same filing date;
2. are not the subject of cancellation proceedings; and
3. do not form the basis of an International Registration which is less than five years old (and is therefore dependent on the "home" UK registration).

Action required before 1 October 2012

In order to take advantage of the current merger practice before the change in point 1 above, owners of existing UK trade mark registrations should consider merging into a single registration any identical trade marks which have different filing dates.

The cost involved in merging registrations will depend on the number of registrations involved. By way of example, the cost of merging two separate registrations will be approximately £200.

If you would like us to review your trade mark portfolio and advise you on the possibility of merging two or more of your existing registrations, or of you have any questions, please contact Sanjay Kapur, John Peacock, Lucy Mills or Katie Smith.

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