UK Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys Granted Royal Chartered Status

20 April 2016

On 12 April 2016, it was announced that the UK’s Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (ITMA) was granted a Royal Charter by Her Majesty the Queen at a meeting of the Privy Council. 

The formal change will take place later this year once the Royal Charter has been legally granted.
The Royal Charter is 'reserved for eminent professional bodies or charities which have a solid record of achievement'.  Accordingly, the new status provides ITMA members with further recognition for excellence in qualification, regulation and continuing professional development. 
This is a momentous occasion in the life of ITMA as well as the UK Trade Mark Attorney profession. It paves the way for ITMA to become known as the “Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys” (CITMA) and for UK Registered Trade Mark Attorneys who are members of ITMA to be called “Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys”.
ITMA was established in 1934 and has a rich history as the pre-eminent body for Trade Mark Attorney representation in the UK.  It has always played a key role in educating, representing and regulating the UK Trade Mark Attorney profession, and the Charter recognises this role and will no doubt help to maintain the high standards of those in the UK profession.
All of our Registered Trade Mark Attorneys are either Fellows or Ordinary members of ITMA.
If you require further information or have any questions concerning this, please do not hesitate to contact Sanjay Kapur, John Peacock, Lucy Mills or Shaun Sherlock.

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