Urgent action required: 18 March 2013 deadline for avoiding USPTO renewal fee increases

12 February 2013

If you have granted US patents with fees due between 18 March 2013 and 6 months after that (i.e. fees which can be paid before 19 March 2013), you may wish to pay the maintenance fees early (by 18 March 2013) in order to pay them at the current rate rather than the increased rate.

The first USPTO fee (due at 3½ years after grant) is increasing from US$1,150 to US$1,600. The second USPTO fee (due at 7½ years after grant) is increasing from US$2,900 to US$3,600. The most significant increase is for the third USPTO fee (due at 11½ years after grant), which is increasing by over 50 % from US$4,810 to US$7,400.

Please contact your usual contact at Potter Clarkson or your renewals agency for further information. We recommend that, if you wish to avoid these fee increases, you instruct your renewals agency as soon as possible, since they may be under pressure to renew a large number of US patents in a short time. For example, we understand that CPA Global requires instructions by Monday 25 February.

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