Licensing and collaborations

Scientific collaborations are very much in the news at the moment with a number of organisations joining together to try to develop treatments and vaccines for Covid-19. Collaborations often yield results that could not have been achieved by a company working alone. However, agreeing the contractual terms of a collaboration can raise significant challenges, particularly in relation to the ownership and exploitation of resulting IPRs.

The ownership of the relevant patents or other IPRs is not usually in issue in a licence agreement but there are plenty of other potential pitfalls. Some problems arise due to the failure of one or other of the parties properly to define its commercial needs; some due to the failure of a party’s lawyers properly to cater for those needs in the agreement. Still others flow from the overriding impact of the law, notably competition law.

In this webinar, Oliver Laing and Mark Snelgrove will examine some of the most significant pitfalls and consider how they can best be avoided. They will consider the question both in terms of the negotiation process and some of the most important issues that arise in the negotiation of licences and collaboration agreements. They will consider, in particular, whether and, if so, on what basis, the joint ownership of IPRs is ever advisable.

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Date: 26 May 2020

Time: 16:00 BST

Duration: 55 mins