Maximising your most valuable asset

Intellectual property is intrinsically linked to the value of your business, but it is not enough to capture, define and protect your IP assets. Businesses thrive when they actively manage their IP in a way that helps them drive the changes they need to achieve their commercial goals. Businesses are constantly managing and reacting to change, and the most successful companies consider the role of IP in their business at every strategic inflection point - be it a merger, new product launch or external factors such as shifting consumer habits or new regulations. 

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you use your IP strategically to navigate effectively through the inevitable changes you will face. While these changes have the potential to be hugely positive for an organisation, they can also be challenging and intensive periods which can put excessive strain on internal teams. Our clients find an external perspective can be particularly valuable in bringing focus and additional resource to deliver better outcomes.

Our commercially focused approach, endorsed and valued by our clients, is delivering successful outcomes for many clients. This helps them to consolidate, protect and enhance their intellectual property - in turn, ensuring they can protect market share, secure investment, attract strategic partners and deliver higher profit margins.


Your intellectual property strategy will depend on the size, maturity and commercial goals of your business. From the most complex multinationals to ambitious start-ups, we have a range of tailored products and strategic tools to support business planning and decision-making at every stage.

Large corporates

IP portfolios are often large and disparate in corporate businesses, especially in a group structure. Valuable assets can be under-utilised or their value constrained by simply not being reviewed on a regular basis within the context of business change. Using the added resources of an external IP consultant such as Potter Clarkson can help you uncover hidden value from a portfolio that may support the business change being sought.


When a business is scaling up and growing quickly, an effective IP approach can make the difference between success and failure. With a keen eye on new commercial opportunities, such as collaborations, acquisitions and mergers, product launches or seeking investment, we can embed intelligent IP systems that will not only keep pace with the development of your business, but also help it to grow.


When companies are developing their ideas and core technology, securing funding is essential for future success. Without a robust IP approach in place that satisfies the scrutiny of potential investors, even the most innovative companies can fail to get off the ground. We have a proven track record of working with start-ups on their business planning to help put strong foundations in place, where IP becomes a driving force within the business.


Bringing forensic attention to detail to the due diligence process, coupled with many years’ experience of establishing strong IP foundations for growing businesses, we will put you in the best possible position to maximise your investment in each and every deal.


We know every business is different, and your IP strategy needs to be tailored to your individual needs. We provide consultancy to help you develop an IP strategy unique to your business. Our tried, tested and successful methodologies ensure that when you buy IP consultancy from us, it delivers a return and helps you build value in your business and prepare for the future.

Bringing our expertise across all areas of intellectual property law - patents, designs, trade marks, copyright, litigation and licensing, we provide IP consultancy tailored to your needs with clear and measurable outputs. Independent of our other services, our consultancy services create no requirement for us to be involved in the ongoing management of your IP portfolio, enabling us to work alongside your existing IP advisor where appropriate. Alternatively, these services can sit alongside the work we are already doing for you to build your IP portfolio.

Our discrete IP consultancy offering includes:

  • IP audits
  • Portfolio review and management
  • Devising IP strategy
  • IP policy, processes and systems
  • Embedding an effective IP approach - training, education and bespoke workshops
  • Due diligence and funding support


Built around the specific challenges faced by start-ups, SMEs and investors, these fixed-price IP solutions are designed to maximise the commercial value from innovative ideas at each milestone, from initial funding to your chosen exit route.

We’re developing more products all the time, so please keep checking back, or let us know about your particular needs and we will put a bespoke solution together for you.