Our patent attorneys and IP solicitors specialise in protecting and commercialising food and agritech

This is a challenging time for innovators in the food and agricultural sector as we all face mounting pressure to take food production from the field to the future.

The number of new foods, new ingredients and new farming methods required to meet this demand continues to skyrocket. However, turning these ideas into market-ready products remains a challenge for everyone in the foodtech and agritech value chains.

Whether you are a grower, a producer, a manufacturer, a distributor, or a retailer, you need to know you can access the expertise you need to successfully navigate the highly complex regulatory environment that surrounds both food production and agricultural methods.

This is where Potter Clarkson’s specialist food and agritech team will help.

Having worked with both foodtech and agritech businesses for many years, the patent attorneysIP solicitors and trade mark attorneys in our specialist food and agritech team know exactly what is needed to develop, protect, and commercialise new foods and new agricultural methods.


Whatever your product or technology and wherever you are in terms of size and life stage, we have the expertise to ensure you always receive the right advice at the right time.

If you are a start-up, we’ll help you maximise the value you generate from your intellectual property (IP) by providing you with the right IP strategy and an easy to follow roadmap and help you with grant applications and funding rounds.

If you are a larger, more mature businesses we will ensure your IP strategy continues to map to your business’ strategy so the value of your IP grows in line with the growth of your business.

To make sure your progress isn’t hampered by any unforeseen IP roadblocks, we will maintain an active IP surveillance of your technology and your competitors.

We will also keep you completely up to date with the latest regulatory requirements. We’ll share what we learn from our latest cases, a list that has recently included insects as a protein source for food and feed, cannabis and CBD, GMOs, fermentation methods, the ever changing regulations on alcoholic beverages and the greenwashing of food products.

Better still, our unique multidisciplinary team combines patent and trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors. This means we can think and act outside the traditional boxes IP firms have always operated within.

As both a law firm and an IP firm we can provide a rare combination of legal and technical advice from a single source. We will not only identify and protect your patents, trade marks, designs and trade secrets, we will also put the commercial relationships and agreements you need in place and, if necessary, guide you through the litigation process if your position is challenged.

And as your latest food or agritech innovation could well employ a mixture of technologies, we can instantly create a cohesive multidisciplinary and multijurisdictional team that brings together the best qualified experts for your project.

However, above all else we are all enthusiasts.

While our team is made up of specialists who have worked with a wide and diverse range of food and agritech clients, our experience is supported by our genuine interest and enthusiasm for the sector.

For us the food and agriculture sector spans food, animal feed, functional food and feed, aquaculture, plants, farming (traditional and vertical farming), alternative proteins (cultured meat, green proteins, blue protein (marine protein), single cell protein and insect protein to mention a few), microorganisms (probiotic, bio stimulants and bio pesticides), dairy, fermentation, prebiotics, synbiotics, processes, food derivatives and re-cycling of side streams or waste materials, packaging technology, agricultural machinery, autonomous vehicles, data and AI.

As we are all genuinely interested in these areas, we follow the latest news, trends and science shaping their future so we know how to make sure every development has the commercial, environmental and health impact we all need them to.


The patent attorneys, IP solicitors and trade mark attorneys in our food and agritech team will:

  • Advise you on the most strategic use of all your IP rights
  • Register your patents, designs and trade marks, and help you protect your trade secrets, worldwide
  • Provide patent, designs and trade mark infringement and validity opinions
  • Conduct patent, designs and trade mark searches and watches
  • Defend your IP rights, whether you are attacked via a patent or trade mark office or court proceedings
  • Enforce your rights against competitor infringement
  • Draft the commercial, IP and licensing agreements you need to capture, protect, and exploit your IP
  • Provide the wider commercial perspective you’ll need to build your business

Or if you’d like to discuss how best to protect and commercialise your latest food or agritech innovation with our patent attorneys and IP solicitors, please contact our specialist food and agritech team today.