Our patent attorneys and trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors specialise in protecting and commercialising the intellectual property that drives industrial chemistry

Chemical products are an integral part of around 96% of all manufactured goods.

It is safe to say that without chemistry turning matter into useful materials in the required amounts we wouldn’t have the food, medicines, paints, packaging, adhesives, batteries, phones, televisions, fertilizers, fuels, and even cars and aeroplanes we all take for granted today.

Chemistry even had a crucial role to play as we battled the pandemic, expediating the production of sanitisers, PPE, and, of course, vaccines.

The ability to produce the materials every industry needs is a complex and delicate blend of grinding, mixing, dissolving, heating, distilling, growing, filtering, and allowing various raw materials to react together to form new compounds.

The unique ways in which these materials are used together is the beating heart of industrial chemistry. As such, the formulae and processes behind these interactions are the most valuable assets chemical manufacturers possess, assets that must be protected at all costs.

The job of the patent and trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors in our specialist industrial chemistry team is to make sure you have all this protection in place.

We will show you how to use intellectual property (IP) to ringfence your competitive edge.

We will make sure you have access to all the IP advice you need to achieve your strategic goals and maximise the commercial value of your most precious assets whether those are the patents that protect the science your business has been built on or the brands your customer's trust.

We will deliver this advice with an experienced commercial and strategic perspective to ensure all your IP rights realise their full value.

Unlike other IP law firms, we will also provide the wider legal support you need, creating the right corporate structure or drafting the agreements, contracts or licensing arrangements you will need to enter into with your partners, suppliers and customers and guide you through the international litigation process should your rights or your position be challenged.


Together the patent and trade mark attorneys and IP solicitors in our industrial chemistry team will:

  • Advise you on the most strategic use of all your IP rights
  • Register your trade marks, designs and patents and protect your trade secrets throughout the world
  • Provide infringement and validity opinions relating to patents, designs and trade marks
  • Conduct appropriate pre-filing searches for patents, designs and trade marks
  • Defend your IP rights whether you are attacked via a trade mark or patent office or court proceedings
  • Enforce your rights against competitors infringing your rights
  • Provide you with the advice you need to protect your various brands in every part of the world
  • Provide trade mark watching services (including our best-in-class online brand protection service)
  • Draft the commercial, IP and licensing agreements you need to capture, protect, and exploit your IP
  • Provide a wider commercial perspective you can use to build your brand and product portfolios


Looking forward chemical manufacturers need to consider more than protecting their formulae and processes.

The last few years have seen a colossal surge in the use of data and technology. Not only has this led to improved communication, structure and process, it has also forced chemical manufacturers to consider how best to utilise robotic automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing to improve productivity, revenue and efficiency.

Data analytics and digital technologies in particular offer the chemical industry almost unlimited potential. By embracing the ongoing convergence of technologies, massive advancements could be made in the way businesses use and process their data to improve the engineering and research that underpins their production methods.

We can create multi-disciplinary teams that bring together the expertise of the attorneys in both our chemistry and IT departments. This means the advice you receive always combines perspectives from all the scientific areas involved.

The chemical industry is also seeing a period of significant M&A activity.

Despite the obvious challenges, multiple multibillion dollar deals were struck. Trinseo acquired Arkema’s PMMA business. BP sold its petrochemical business to INEOS. PPG acquired Ennis-Flint. And these are only some of the most recent transactions.

In all these cases, the seller was only able to achieve the highest possible price because the products and processes the buyer wanted were fully protected.

By working together and remaining totally focused on your desired outcome, the attorneys and solicitors in our industrial chemistry team will ensure the innovation at the heart of your business remains fully protected and supported by a solid structure and a robust framework of commercial and licencing agreements should you decide the time is right to sell.