Our patent attorneys, IP solicitors and trade mark attorneys are cleantech specialists

Cleantech is becoming increasingly crucial in our lives. The rulers of most countries are on record saying they know action is needed to protect us against man-made pollutants, improve environmental sustainability and make the best use of renewable energy sources.

And it’s not just talk.

Governments all over the world are setting themselves ambitious targets. The UK government, for example, has committed to ending domestic coal power generation by 2025, for all homes to be wind-powered by 2030, and to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

To ensure this happens, cleantech companies are being offered significant financial incentives to develop, perfect and make available the required technology.

However, as the level of innovation that’s needed to ensure we hit these targets increases, so too does the level of competition. By extension, the likelihood your inventions and ideas could be misused or misappropriated also rises.

This is where we can help.

Our specialist multidisciplinary energy and cleantech team includes patent attorneys, IP solicitors and trade mark attorneys who know exactly how to steer you through the complex world of intellectual property (IP) rights.

We will make sure your most valuable assets are not only fully protected but managed in a way that allows you to achieve the highest level of commercial value from your innovations.

Depending on the nature of your project, we can also call upon experienced attorneys from our chemistry, biotech, and engineering teams with, if required, the full support of our IP solicitors.

Together we will:

  • Advise you on the most strategic use of all your intellectual property rights
  • Register your patents, designs and trade marks, and help you protect your trade secrets, world-wide
  • Provide patent, designs and trade mark infringement and validity opinions
  • Conduct patent, designs and trade mark searches and watches
  • Defend your IP rights, whether you are attacked via a patent or trade mark office or court proceedings
  • Enforce your rights against competitor infringement
  • Draft the commercial, IP and licensing agreements you need to capture, protect, and exploit your IP
  • Provide a wider commercial perspective you can use to build your business



We believe there are three additional reasons you should work with our specialist energy and cleantech team:

1. Our proven expertise

We’re not just experts when it comes to the technical side; we also have extensive experience working with many cleantech, energy and environmentally focused clients.

This means you’ll not only receive the very best advice, it will also be tailored to the specific nuances and demands of both your business and your sector. This is how we make sure your IP realises its potential.

2. Our strategic application

For clients, the most important thing we provide isn’t the advice – it’s how our experience and expertise is applied.

The depth of our sector experience allows us to factor in all the issues you face from an IP, cleantech and business perspective. We will provide you with strategic and commercial direction to help you achieve your commercial objectives in the most effective way.

3. A broader range of support

The integration between our attorneys and IP solicitors allows us to offer well-coordinated, tailored and multi-disciplinary guidance, so you can easily access the advice you need from one source.

In addition to drafting, prosecuting, and defending/opposing patents, our specialist in-house solicitors are experts in drafting and negotiating all types of IP agreements, which you’ll need to develop, capture, scale-up and fully exploit your inventions, ideas, and innovations.

Always focused on your commercial priorities, our team is on hand to provide effective, strategic, and practical advice. And should enforcement become necessary, our IP solicitors will draw upon their deep experiences of running technically difficult and procedurally complex cases to achieve the best possible outcome.

Our trade mark attorneys will provide strategic advice to assist in the development, protection and enforcement of your brand to protect your reputation in the marketplace.

Our innovative suite of fixed-price products also ensures leveraging the highest levels of value from your IP is quicker, easier and more straightforward.