From innovation to enterprise

Great innovations have the potential to effect transformational change in all areas of our lives - providing lifesaving medical treatments, reducing energy, or simply making everyday tasks easier.  

But for these breakthrough ideas to become a reality, they need the very best patent protection. That is exactly what a Potter Clarkson patent attorney can deliver for you.

We will share your passion for the potential of your innovation and bring valuable insight and technical understanding to ensure it is protected in the most advantageous way. You can trust that our technical excellence and resolutely commercial focus will enable us to develop an optimal patent strategy to support your business now and long into the future.

We are equally passionate when it comes to defending your patent or trying to clear the way for you to succeed in your target market. We have successfully attacked and defended some of Europe’s most valuable patents across a huge range of technological areas and have the scale and expertise to handle the most complex and challenging work.

Whatever stage of the IP journey you are on, find out how we can help you to realise your ambitions.