Our patent attorneys, IP solicitors and trade mark attorneys specialise in protecting and commercialising innovation in the engineering sector

Although the word engineering has been with us since the 14th century, it now plays a more vital role in modern life and technology than the manufacturers of military engines who originally coined the term could ever have imagined.

For us engineering is the application of scientific and mathematical knowledge to solve problems, whether those problems are mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical or - as is more likely in today’s increasingly collaborative world - any combination of these four disciplines.

Similarly, while engineering may once have conjured up images of ‘just making things’, today’s engineering is much more complex.

Engineering is pivotal to almost every sector and draws on a huge range of technologies, from traditional manufacturing to automotive, defence and aerospace and onto energy, medical, chemicals, food and drink, electronics and IT. 

While machinery, packaging and industrial processes still loom large, today’s engineering projects are just as likely to involve AI, innovative new materials, 3D printing, blockchain, bioinformatics and even quantum computing.

This means that the engineering industry requires the support of specialist advisers with direct experience in all these areas. More crucially engineers require advisers who can apply this understanding to the issues and opportunities you face.

Whether you are an established corporate, a growing SME or a young but ambitious company, our specialist multidisciplinary engineering team will help.

Our patent attorneys, IP solicitors and trade mark attorneys know exactly how to steer you through the complex world of intellectual property (IP) rights.

We will make sure your most valuable assets are not only fully protected but managed in a way that will allow you to achieve the highest level of commercial value from all your innovations.

Together we will:

  • Recommend the IP rights that best suit your objectives (something that is particularly relevant to engineering projects that rely on registered designs)
  • Advise you on the most strategic use of all your IP rights
  • Register your patents, designs and trade marks, and help you protect your trade secrets, throughout the world
  • Provide patent, designs and trade mark infringement and validity opinions
  • Conduct patent, designs and trade mark searches and watches
  • Defend your IP rights whether you are attacked via a patent or trade mark office or court proceedings
  • Enforce your rights against competitors infringing your rights
  • Draft the commercial, IP and licensing agreements you need to capture, protect and exploit your IP
  • Provide a wider commercial perspective you can use to build your business



We believe there are three additional reasons you should work with our specialist engineering team:

1. Our proven expertise

We don’t only offer the required technical expertise; we have extensive experience of working with a wide range of engineering clients.

This means you will not only receive the very best advice, but also advice tailored to the very specific demands of your technology, your business and your market to ensure your IP realises its maximum value.

2. Our strategic application

The most important thing for a client is how we apply our experience and expertise to the issues they face.

The depth of experience we’ve built up across the engineering sector means we can factor in all the issues you are facing from an IP, an engineering and a business perspective so you receive the strategic and commercial direction you need to achieve your commercial objectives in the most effective way.

3. A broader range of support

We offer much more than the standard patent and trade mark services. This means you can access all the IP-related advice you need from one source, a team that is always focussed on your commercial priorities and on providing effective, strategic and practical advice.

Our patent attorneys can help draft and prosecute patent applications and defend/oppose patents.

Our specialist in-house IP solicitors are experts in drafting and negotiating all types of IP agreements, the agreements you’ll need to develop, capture, scale-up and fully exploit your inventions, ideas and innovations.

And should enforcement become necessary, our IP solicitors will draw upon their deep experience of running technically difficult and procedurally complex cases, to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Our trade mark team will protect and enforce your brand against any unwelcome attention from your competitors.

And our innovative suite of fixed-price products is on hand to make leveraging the highest levels of value from your IP quicker, easier and more straightforward.