With each and every deal, you want to be in the strongest position to maximise your investment. That means getting a detailed picture of any prospect’s IP provision before you commit - after all, it is essential to securing a successful return.

Before acting on any opportunity, you will also want to know whether their business plans contain adequate scope for further IP to support future growth. Without a robust approach to IP, even the most attractive investment opportunity can be rendered worthless. 

We have seen countless examples where the IP due diligence was not thorough enough, leading to costly mistakes for investors. From patent applications that do not reflect the planned commercial exploitation of the technology - making it useless - to an inability to use a recognisable trade mark in key geographical markets or a lack of clarity around ownership in joint ventures, there are potentially costly risks in the finer details. You can trust in our rigorous approach to ensure we mitigate the risks as far as possible. 

In reality, you often need to make big decisions fast but cannot do so without the reassurance your target’s IP rights are sufficient to deliver the value you need. We will ensure you can make smart choices based on an accurate assessment of the intellectual property assets that exist and the potential pitfalls or opportunities on the horizon. This is a forensic process where our team is skilled at drilling into the detail of an investment opportunity even when timescales are tight.  

We understand that your appetite for risk may vary from deal to deal. So, we will work with you to understand the scope of due diligence you require, tailoring our approach to your needs and bringing as much certainty as possible to what is an inherently uncertain environment.

You can place your trust in our team - we are experts in this area and have a proven track record in helping our clients make well-informed decisions that deliver strong returns.