The entrepreneurship umbrella is very broad - from investors with a portfolio of start-up enterprises at varying stages of maturity to inventors, app developers and academics. However, our experience tells us that whatever your focus, you share an ability to clearly see commercial potential where others may not.  

We also understand the unique hurdles you have to overcome to ensure this potential is realised - especially when you are seeking investment. IP is a crucial consideration when it comes to investor due diligence, so it makes getting the right provision in place for your commercial innovations even more important.  

We have a long track record of success in helping clients put the right IP strategies in place to help them grow from a very early stage and evolve into a larger enterprise or secure a desired exit.  

Drawing on the expertise of our multi-disciplinary team of patent, trade mark, design, litigation and licensing specialists, we can provide comprehensive advice and support on how, where and when to file for IP rights to ensure an innovative idea becomes a thriving business.   

We love the way you look at the world - let us join you on your journey of turning good ideas into great businesses.