Rising to your business-critical IP challenges  

The critical nature of intellectual property (IP) rights to the life sciences sector cannot be overstated. The risks associated with such long development times and the regulatory burdens mean that you need the highest quality IP advice.

We are proud of our reputation as the European IP firm of choice in this sector for clients of all sizes, ranging from ambitious start-ups and SMEs through to Big Pharma.

This reputation is something that we have built up over many years through our vast direct experience of operating in-house with life science companies and externally for our many clients in the life science sector, helping them to create, protect and defend the commercial value of their innovations across the world.

We will provide you with the level of vision and clarity required to guide you through the complexities of IP within the context of this challenging, regulation-heavy sector, and will work with you to devise an IP strategy that fits your business needs and commercial objectives.

The IP advice that you receive will be tailored to the nuances and demands of the sector and, by ensuring that we understand your wider commercial objectives, your business plans, and your desired exit strategy, we will to help you to convert your innovation into products and services that create the maximum value for your business.

We will work together with you to find the most effective route from a new idea to commercial success and help you to deliver tangible, meaningful and commercially invaluable, highly effective IP protection. 

We offer a comprehensive service that brings together all the skills required to create, protect and defend your ideas. Many of our specialist team not only have PhDs in relevant life science disciplines, but by combining this technical expertise in the sector enables us to anticipate and spot problems before they arise, and help you navigate a path to market in.

We have in-house solicitors on hand to deal with a much wider range of commercial law requirements. Our litigation and licensing team can assist from the earliest stage of the deal-making process, through to the negotiating and drafting of commercial IP agreements and onto providing robust enforcement of IP rights.

We have proven experts ready to help you take full commercial advantage of the more specialist opportunities you have to build the value of your business (e.g. SPCs, orphan drug designation, regulatory matters and digital innovation strategy).

We also have a working knowledge of the broader professional issues you will face, for example the US market, legal and regulatory considerations, with trusted network of specialists that we can refer you to should those issues require deeper examination.

By offering a broader range of support we will make it easier for you to access all of the advice you’ll need to drive you to achieving your goals. At the same time we will deliver time and cost efficiencies that simply cannot be matched when you are dealing with multiple advisors in multiple organisations.

Our focus is always firmly on creating and maintaining maximum value from your IP.