At Potter Clarkson, our attorneys, solicitors, teams and offices are united by a strong set of shared values.

These values inform both our long-term business strategy and the way we serve our clients on a daily basis. They act as the bedrock for the decisions we make and the actions we take, enabling us to create value where it matters most - for our clients, our people, and the wider communities we serve.


We are proactive and inquisitive, applying visionary flair in law to stay ahead in creating, protecting and defending intellectual property for you. As technical and branding experts, as well as lawyers, we’re restlessly eager to get to grips with our clients’ needs.


You get a dedicated service around the world to help you create, protect and defend the business potential of your ideas through the strategic use of intellectual property rights. Science, technology, brands and law are the pathways, commercial success the goal.


To advise you on what to do, even when that is not to act at all, requires a full grasp of the issues at hand and a deep-seated integrity. We help you navigate the complex world of patents, trade marks, designs and litigation to fulfil your potential.


Converting innovation into products and services that create value and benefit everyone is our true passion. Our obsessive attention to detail allows you to maximise and protect the value of your innovations.


Clarity of understanding and expression is our asset in the world of brands, technical innovation and law. It is being able to explain options and outcomes to you so that you always have an eye on what the future might bring.