Tips on tracking and tackling multi-platform online brand infringement

This webinar is presented by Jesper Sellin and Nishant Sood, both lawyers in our litigation and licensing department. Jesper is an experienced partner with a particular expertise in brand-related IP. Nish has a commercial background and leads on the development of the firm’s online brand protection products.

Jesper and Nish discuss the ever-growing online challenges faced by brand-owners today, and how threats and opportunities in the online space can be managed with a strategic approach. The webinar looks to cover how to prevent serious brand abuse happening and, where it has happened, how to successfully identify and handle it, particularly given the potential costs versus benefits of different approaches.

The session aims to give the participant a good understanding of the current status of online brand infringement and practical steps that brand-owners can take to protect themselves. This is demonstrated using real-world examples and taking a deeper look into some of the most important online platforms where brands are at risk, and the different tools available for addressing brand infringement.

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