Advanced Battery Concepts wins the 2022 Battery Council International Innovation Award

Advanced Battery Concepts (ABC), a US-based firm, has been awarded the 2022 Battery Council International (BCI) Innovation Award for its Home Emergency Energy Storage System (HEES™) that uses the company’s patented GreenSeal battery. GreenSeal is ABC’s suite of technologies that the company use to make reliable, bipolar lead batteries.

The HEES™ is a residential and small-scale stationary energy storage system that looks to address the growing need for homeowners and small commercial facilities to have back-up power. The technology and architecture enables the system to be made using conventional manufacturing processes while the end concept is lighter, longer lasting and more environmental friendly than conventional batteries.   

ABC’s website demonstrates the company’s impressive IP portfolio including a host of patents and patent applications worldwide. While patents are crucial in protecting this type of innovation, ABC have also recognised the importance of trade marks and trade secrets in order to protect both their brand and company know how – both of which are key in successfully commercialising innovation on a global scale. 

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