Data - the essential ingredient for driving innovation in food manufacturing

The increasing availability of data provides opportunities for better decision making in the food manufacturing industry, playing a key role in minimizing waste, supply chain costs and inefficiencies in the production process, as well as forming the basis behind many new products and technical advancements.

Businesses in the sector (and beyond) are therefore seeking to capitalize on the boom in the ‘data economy’, with so-called ‘Big Data’ leading to, and being intrinsic in, innovations in food production.

Data-driven innovations are offering companies an all-important competitive advantage, with intellectual property rights being central to maximizing the value of the investment made.

This article, written exclusively for Food Manufacture explores the availability and role of IP in protecting data-driven innovations to be used by your business and covers the following:

  • What is Big Data?
  • How to protect your data-driven innovations
  • Maximising revenue through agreements and licensing arrangements
  • The importance of a tailor-made IP strategy

You can read the full article here.