Is AI about to revolutionise foodtech?

When foodtech is mentioned, most people will immediately think of the science involved in food production, the proteins, microorganisms, and fermentation processes.

Alternatively, you might jump to production, packaging and delivery processes or the increasing part robotics, drones, and 3D printing now play in the food industry.

The aspects of technology that might not feature in your thinking are artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

However, AI and ML are having a dramatic impact on every aspect of food manufacture. They help drive efficiencies. They support the formation of new ideas and new recipes. They encourage increased use of automation. They reduce human error which is critical when you are producing products that humans are about to ingest. Most importantly in these difficult times, they reduce waste, reduce the use of chemicals (both pesticides and fertilizers) in the fields and increase productivity and profitability.

In this special report we will examine which areas of food manufacture are benefiting from the introduction of AI and ML and look at the key considerations for maximising the value of the underlying innovation.