Potter Clarkson's living gallery presents Angela Dierks: Honouring Women's History Month

We're committed to creating an exceptional workplace environment at our new office in Nottingham. We believe that our surroundings play a huge role in our health and well-being, and that's why we're excited to announce our partnership with Little Van Gogh - an organisation that supports up-and-coming UK artists by showcasing their original artwork in offices.

With exhibitions changing every two months, we'll be able to continuously discover new talent, keep things fresh, and spark interesting conversations. Each installation will tell a unique story, whether it's highlighting a local artist or celebrating events like Black History Month.

Our first exhibition is already up and running, featuring the work of Angela Dierks - a German artist based in London.

Angel Dierk’s work is usually process driven leaving room for chance and error. Rather than specific imagery, the work develops through movement and gesture on the canvas. The starting point is most often colour and mood.

"Dierks enjoys working with mixed media, specifically using pigments that she creates from a variety of different materials.

"Each of her pieces is unique and takes time develop. She aims to lend as much ‘feel’ to her paintings as possible, ‘controlling’ the painting as much as possible while also allowing for more spontaneity and risk by applying paint in a variety of ways."

We're thrilled to be showcasing her art in honour of Women's History Month and can't wait to see what other talented artists we'll be able to support in the coming months.