UPC Administrative Committee’s inaugural meeting

The UPC Administrative Committee held its inaugural meeting in Luxembourg at the seat of the Court of Appeal and the Registry. At the meeting the Rules of Procedure were formally adopted, as well as the Rules on the European Patent Litigation Certificate and other appropriate qualifications.

The Committee also appointed the members of the Advisory Committee who will have the important task of interviewing judges for the UPC to enable the judges to be appointed by the Administrative Committee later this year. The interview process is expected to start in March.

A number of Member States officially also confirmed their intention of setting up local or regional division courts. These included Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany (four local divisions), Italy, the Netherlands, Slovenia, Sweden (regional Nordic-Baltic division) and Portugal.

In addition, Mr Alexander Ramsay (Sweden) was elected as Chair of the Administrative Committee with Mr Johannes Karcher (Germany) as Deputy.

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