White paper: How can IP due diligence minimise the risk and maximise the value of an investment?

In the highest growth technology areas like AI, medtech, digital health and life sciences, the vast majority - perhaps significantly more than 90% - of a potential investment’s value lies in the intangible assets.

While investors have, by definition, a keen eye for an investment opportunity and the finer details of a deal, experience will have repeatedly proved intangible assets won’t be adequately disclosed in the company’s slide deck or accompanying business plan.

To ascertain how the intangibles fit within the business plan and ultimately the value of the company, you will need to examine much deeper.

With so much at stake, you should always invest the time and effort required to examine the intangible assets carefully and thoroughly. Your prudence will always be rewarded by reduced risk and higher potential returns.

Are you looking for patent attorneys who can provide more effective, more comprehensive, and more commercially focused IP due diligence? In this white paper we share some of the critical IP-related issues we've uncovered whilst working with investors. We also highlight how robust, detailed and highly focused IP due diligence can ensure you have everything you need to make the most informed investment decisions.