White paper: Maximising the commercial value of digital therapeutics

Incessant and increasingly rapid advances in mobile technology and artificial intelligence are driving the definition and development of digital therapeutics at an impressive rate.

The limitless application and benefits of digital therapeutics have understandably caught the attention of big pharma. They recognise digital therapeutics offer them the opportunity to increase the impact their drugs will have on their patients while, at the same time, reducing their patients’ reliance on the world’s health authorities.

However, to make all of this happen - and to realise a share of what is predicted to be a $9 billion market by 2025 - pharmaceutical companies will have to forge strategic partnerships with tech companies.

This type of collaboration comes with significant risks. There is not only market regulation and market acceptance to consider but also how the ownership of the final product will be defined, commercialised, and protected.

In this white paper we share what we have found while helping brand-new digital therapeutics ventures define, commercialise, and protect their ideas. We also highlight and tackle the likely obstacles they will need to overcome as they race to take their products to market.