UK Domain Names

12 February 2014

In Summer 2014, we will see the introduction of over 1,000 new "global top-level domains" such as .music, .academy, .computer, .shop and .management.

One of the top-level domains that is to be introduced is .uk. Previously, it has not been possible to register a .uk domain name and UK specific domain names have had to be in the form of, for example, and

Analysts are predicting that .uk domain names will be the fourth most popular after .com, .de and .net.


As a general rule, .uk domain names will be issued on a first come, first served basis, unless the applicant holds an existing and equivalent or domain name.

In the event that there are existing or domain names then Nominet will invite the holders of those domain names to register the equivalent .uk domain name and there will be a five year window in which to procure registration. A .uk domain name could, therefore, replace an existing or domain name, or could co-exist alongside those domain names.

In the event that different parties own the and domain names, then Nominet's policy is to give priority for .uk to the holder of the equivalent domain name.


If there is interest in registering the .uk domain name and you, or your client, does not already own a domain name then we recommend that registration of be sought at the earliest opportunity in order to give priority to obtaining the equivalent .uk domain names.

We understand that Nominet are to make a further announcement in February 2014 regarding .uk domain names and registration procedures and we will, therefore, monitor the situation.

Please let us know if you need any further information or advice at this stage. Contact Sanjay Kapur, John Peacock, Lucy Mills or Katie Smith for further information.


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