Hector Christodoulou

Hector Christodoulou

Trainee Patent Attorney

Hector graduated with a chemistry degree from Bristol and joined Potter Clarkson’s chemistry team in 2023 after spending three years as a separation scientist.

During his time in industry Hector worked in the analysis and purification of small molecules and subsequently specialised in large-scale chiral purification supporting the pharmaceutical and agriculture industry using the latest HPLC and SFC technology.

During his time at university Hector gained a strong research background, his MSci project in the complex functional materials group focused on fabricating novel single crystal nanowires of superconductors, and he also undertook a summer research project in selective carbonylative C-C bond activation.



Pharmaceuticals, chromatography, advanced materials


Hector graduated in 2020 with a first-class master’s degree in chemistry from the University of Bristol.


MSci (Hons)

Awards & recognition

During his degree Hector was awarded prizes for achieving the highest mark across all chemistry degree programmes and for best MSci project. Each of his research projects also resulted in subsequent publications.


Outside of work Hector is a keen tennis player and competes for his local tennis club. He is also a keen walker and is often accompanied by his Golden Retriever.