Naomi Cheong

Naomi Cheong

Trainee Patent Attorney

A member of Potter Clarkon’s chemistry team, Naomi joined in April 2022.

During her medicinal & biological chemistry MSci, Naomi developed deep-rooted interests in a number of different research areas. Her projects largely focused on drug discovery, green chemistry, medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, and chemistry enterprise. Prior to joining us at Potter Clarkson, Naomi spent six months gaining practical experience in the pharmaceutical industry as a drug dispenser and assistant.



Medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical chemistry, drug discovery, and chemistry enterprise


Naomi obtained a first-class integrated Master’s degree in medicinal & biological chemistry at the University of Nottingham.


MSci (Hons)


Naomi spends most of her free time managing her family’s café and takeaway in Suffolk. She also enjoys going to the gym, competing in powerlifting competitions, designing custom trainers, and gaming.