Phil Bird

Phil Bird

Head of Business Processes

Phil started work at Royal Ordnance Nottingham as part of the defence industry gaining experience in cost and management accounts before transferring to the purchasing and supply departments.

This experience provided deep insights into the quality and management systems required to maintain consistency of both products and services to the end-user.

After leaving Royal Ordnance Nottingham, Phil joined Support Systems International as an international stock controller, responsible for the quality and national stock levels of intensive care medical equipment for both private and NHS clients. The role involved constant communication with US and European service centres in order to guarantee the supply of main units and repair items for national service centres across the company, whilst ensuring that expensive slow-moving items were not stockpiled and held needlessly, but instead transferred to areas of need in a timely manner. 

Phil joined Potter Clarkson in 1997 gaining experience across various departments, including patent and trade mark formalities and records, renewals and document processing, and is now the business process manager. In this role, Phil works closely with all departments in the introduction of electronic work processes and has responsibility for both ISO and GDPR areas of the company.



Certificates in both Patent and Trade Mark Administration


Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys (CIPA) and the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA)


Phil’s has varied interests including (but not restricted to): playing the guitar (badly); listening to obscure and outdated 1970s'/80s' rock music; reading crime and fantasy novels; mountain biking; dog walking and the occasional foray into squash, badminton and swimming.