Kerry Meadwell

Kerry Meadwell

Travel Co-ordinator

What was your first ever job? 

I worked in a fruit and veg shop when I was at College. It was a family business and good fun although trying to remember the prices of everything and the numerous names of apples took some time! 

How did you get involved and what first attracted you to your chosen field? 

My role as Travel Co-ordinator is fairly new and came about following the expansion of Potter Clarkson which in turn, led to an increase in firmwide business travel. Having always worked in administration and support positions, I enjoy organising and helping colleagues to find suitable options for their trip. 

When did you join Potter Clarkson and why? 

In total, I have worked for Potter Clarkson for about 6 ½ years so I have witnessed the company’s growth and desire to become the best firm in Europe. There has always been a family aspect to working life here so you feel part of something important with a long history. The systems, facilities and employee benefits are also very good. 

What is your area of speciality and why did you choose it? 

Being organised and enjoying organising others is important in my role as it can be very busy at times.  It also helps to be proactive and think laterally as this can often save the firm time and money. 

What does a typical day in your role entail and what do you most enjoy about it/find most challenging? 

A typical day can include carrying out online research for hotels, flights, rail tickets and event locations to help build an itinerary. I am also responsible for ensuring that the travel policy is adhered to and shared with new starters, whilst ensuring that it is kept as a ‘live’ document. As part of the Facilities team, I often help cover reception too. 

I really enjoy carrying out research and finding something that meets requirements and budget.  

What has been the highlight of your career at Potter Clarkson so far? 

Given my interest for all things travel and organising, as well as in my capacity as a member of the Firm’s social committee, I have enjoyed assisting with the Firm’s Christmas party plans and am currently arranging the Firm’s attendance at a large overseas event.   

A highlight can also be receiving feedback from colleagues that I have helped and made their job easier. 

What advice would you give anyone looking to join Potter Clarkson? 

Do your research on the field and do not be afraid to ask questions during the interview process!