Family of patent applications provides commercial opportunities for medtech SME


Sanandco is a UK-based SME specialising in medical devices for remote health monitoring, designed to alleviate pressure on hospitals and GP surgeries. It required a family of patent applications to be drafted and filed for an innovative new product and service that simplifies the remote acquisition of reliable medical data.

The product is a telephone which enables multiple vital signs to be automatically measured and read out when the phone is held in use by the patient, for example, during a call to a medical professional or an automated service.

Since filing these applications, Potter Clarkson have successfully obtained a grant of US and European patents and have filed a divisional application in Europe in pursuit of a broader claim scope. Additional patent applications will likely be filed for further developments of this technology in the future. The team has also worked with the client to obtain EU-wide registered design protection for the product.


The patents and design registrations successfully obtained by the team at Potter Clarkson put the necessary IP protection in place to enable Sanandco to commercialise its product in its most commercially important territories.