Full-service IP approach means fast-track robotics SME can focus on growth


Precision Robotics is a fast-track SME manufacturer of robotic devices for use in the cutting-edge field of minimally invasive surgery.

With a need to balance scientific invention with commercial objectives, the company needed IP advisers who could both gain the confidence of its scientists and engineers and help it meet its commercial objectives.

Thanks to a long-standing relationship that began when the company started out at Imperial College - also a Potter Clarkson client - it was keen to work with the firm when it successfully spun out of its academic roots.

Since then, we have provided comprehensive IP advice to the businessacross patents, designs and trade marks, and given careful consideration to potential infringement issues and ensuring the company’s continued freedom to operate.

Our work also includes several new patent applications in the UK, some of which have provided the basis for applications in other jurisdictions. The IP portfolio now stands at over 30 granted patents and registered designs, and over 20 pending patent applications.

We have also worked on the prosecution of the existing portfolio, which includes applications in the UK, Europe, USA, China and Japan. 


As technological leaders in their field, Precision Robotics’ IP portfolio is a business-critical asset that enables them to protect their innovations now and ultimately, help them control how the minimally invasive surgery market is exploited in future.

In tune with Precision Robotics’ commercial objectives and budgetary framework, we have been able to tailor a highly effective development strategy for the IP portfolio that best meets those conflicting requirements.

The strength of the relationships between key individuals at Precision Robotics and our attorneys has given the client the confidence to pass responsibility for all things IP to usThis has helped free up valuable time for the management team to focus on further innovation and growth.