Helping a green hydrogen technology business create solid IP foundations


The IP solicitors and patent attorneys in our specialist energy and cleantech team are the long-standing representatives for a rapidly growing sustainable energy manufacturer pioneering the use of green hydrogen technology.

As they grew, the client required increased levels of specialist support. 

They entered into collaborations with major industry specialists during key investment rounds and their board required increasingly complex strategic IP advice as they sought to take the next steps in their development.


Potter Clarkson audited the client’s existing patent and trade mark portfolios. The resulting report outlined the status of the respective IP rights and provided a frank assessment of the existing IP strategy and made recommendations as to where it could be improved. We also closely investigated their main competitors and their technologies, highlighting potential areas of dispute.

Our report provided broad-ranging and decision-ready advice in respect of their most important issues including:

  • How IP issues should be dealt with (including the establishment of an IP-focussed committee reporting into the board)
  • The timing and scope of the Freedom to Operate searches they’d need to mitigate the potential risk of litigation
  • Advice on how the client could manage and protect its trade secrets using our SafeGuard product
  • The merits and drawbacks of taking IP insurance for their IP portfolio.

We feel our advice to date has directly contributed to our client securing the investment they needed and allows the client to ensure their hydrogen technology achieves its enormous commercial potential.