Helping a specialist food supply chain company make business critical decisions on IP strategy


Potter Clarkson’s awareness of strategic aspects of the foodtech sector is paying dividends for a novel supply chain start-up in a specialised sub-sector of the food industry.


The client operates in specific geographical locations in a variety of countries across the world. We helped them create a patent portfolio for an innovative hardware product which is expected to reap significant efficiency improvements in a sector requiring fast product throughput, high levels of operator safety and exceptional food safety standards.

The patenting programme in particular focuses on protection in a range of jurisdictions, calling upon our unique knowledge of North American, Nordic and South American patenting regimes. It is anticipated that through the correct balance of geographical coverage, effective patent drafting and our knowledge of relatively rare patent laws, the client will enjoy effective monopoly protection that is strong value for money.

In parallel with the patenting programme, a country-focused registered design filing regime has provided additional protection in a short timescale. This has allowed the client to enter diverse markets with total confidence at the earliest opportunity.