Brand evolution: creating and developing a successful brand

A webinar on the relationship between branding and intellectual property, aimed at start-ups/SMEs considering the life cycle of new brands and how best to develop and protect them over time.

We will cover:

  • The stages of creating a new brand - when to conduct searches and involve an IP lawyer in the discussions, to avoid future problems
  • Brand distinctiveness - the balancing act between having a descriptive/generic name and a strong distinctive brand, including both branding and marketing aspects as well as IP considerations
  • Brand architecture/positioning - best practices for developing additional brands and how to position these within the business and overall brand. Discussion of house branding concepts, secondary brands and how best to organise these, as well as what level of IP protection is needed for each

Hosted by Sarah Talland and James Hebbert. Sarah is a Chartered Trade Mark Attorney advising a wide range of clients on how best to protect new brands, including searching and filing strategies. James has fifteen years of international marketing experience and is the Managing Director of Hylink London. He is a regular speaker on digital marketing covering engagements with the BBC, London School of Economics, China Britain Business Council, Sotheby's Institute of Art and Cannes Advertising Festival.

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Date: Thursday 8 April 2021

Time: 09:00 - 10:00 UTC

Duration: 60 minutes