Graphene IP licensing as a business model

Join experienced patent attorney Jason Teng and licensing expert Dave Holt in a webinar hosted by The Graphene Council, as they explore IP legal issues faced by graphene companies in realising their market potential and maximising the value of their innovations.

Whether you are a producer of graphene, an application developer or a company that is looking to use graphene in your products, it is critical to understand the graphene patent landscape before proceeding.

Proper licensing of graphene IP assets as a licensor or a licensee can be a very smart business model.

This is NOT an "IP 101" session. We will look at licensing business strategies as well as risk management steps your company should undertake to make sure you have "Freedom to Operate" (FTO) in your targeted jurisdictions.

This is a must attend session for graphene company operators as well as for investors evaluating target companies in order to better assess their IP asset portfolio.

Click here to view the webinar recording.