IP for Investors Workshop - Stockholm

In the highest growth technology areas, as much as 90% of a potential investment’s value lies in the target’s intellectual property (IP) and other intangible assets.

While investors already have a keen eye for both a good investment opportunity and the finer details of a deal, in our experience the IP position is rarely adequately disclosed in a company’s slide deck or accompanying business plan.

To ascertain how the IP fits within the business plan and to get an informed understanding of the associated IP risks, you will need to dig much deeper. For a technology investment a key element of your due diligence should be on the IP at the heart of the company.

In this workshop focused on IP for investors, we will go through the proprietary IP due diligence model we have developed specifically for investors.

The IP due diligence model we offer is the result of working with investors across the Nordics, Germany and the UK for more than a decade. It is now used by a growing list of investors who recognise the additional level of insight the approach offers means they can make more informed investment decisions and enjoy a reduced level of risk, with the likelihood of higher financial returns.

We will also explain how our IP due diligence model will save you time and money by ensuring the target company pre-populates their data room with the right information to facilitate the IP due diligence process.

We will be hosting this workshop in our Stockholm office (Riddargatan 10) at 5pm on Tuesday, September 26th. After the session we will be happy to answer all your questions while we enjoy some drinks and snacks.

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  • Potter Clarkson AB, Riddargatan 10
    Stockholm 114 35