Unconventional EU design protection strategies now and in a post-brexit landscape

Obtaining registered design protection is often perceived as a simple process that many feel comfortable doing. After all, it's just a matter of submitting images at the IPO, or is it?

Design protection has changed drastically over the last decade. A shift from physical products to virtual designs has led to a variety of new challenges for successful design registration. With Brexit approaching, the situation has become a little more complicated. In this webinar, Frank Harner and Deborah Maxwell, share some of their approaches to unconventional design registration strategies and tell you everything you need to know about UK registered design protection after Brexit.

This session touches on a range of topics, including:

  • Brexit – how will it affect your design portfolio. Do you need to prepare?
  • How to use multiple design protection to optimise the scope of your design registrations
  • Non-conventional design registration (graphical user interfaces, animation, life sciences - pill designs)
  • Unregistered design rights

Click here to view the webinar recording.