eureKAWARDS: the new pitch contest in synthetic biology

Potter Clarkson are excited to partner with eureKARE and support their inaugural eureKAWARDS. We will be providing IP education to all entrants, one-to-one IP consultancy sessions for all finalists, and also take part in the judging.

As part of the prize pool, Potter Clarkson will be awarding our Kick-StartiP consultancy product as an Innovation Prize. Kick-StartiP is designed to help businesses understand, identify, develop and document their IP strategies to get the best possible start they want.

The research that is being done at universities has the potential to have a massive impact on the world and help solve many of the global challenges, including climate change. But it won’t have that impact if it stays between the pages of an academic journal.

"Naturally, the majority of academics don’t think particularly commercially and often fail to see the potential their research has, and so most of this potential is never realised. The pro-active approach taken by eureKARE, whereby the most exciting research in academic labs in the synthetic biology and microbiome space is identified and commercialised, is both necessary and inspired. Synthetic biology is such an exciting space to be in, and our team feel privileged to have the deep scientific technical backgrounds necessary to understand this emerging area of deep tech and help start-ups and spin-outs drag academic research out into the world”. Sara Holland, patent attorney specialising in synthetic biology and biotechnology.

We look forward to meeting the synthetic biology stars of the future! In the meantime, check out our guide for commercialising university-originating IP.

To find out more about how we work with synthetic biology companies to create value from their innovations, please contact Sara Holland at and Robert Cogger-Ward at