From university innovation to commercialisation: creating an IP blueprint for success

As a university student or academic you might be vaguely aware of IP as a concept but still wonder “Why is IP important?” and “Where do I start with my IP strategy?”. Our guide takes you through five facets of IP that are particularly important for businesses relying on university-originating IP.

Although some people tend to think of inventions and patents when they hear the term IP, its scope actually covers all creations of the mind - including designs, branding and trade secrets. The importance of the different types of IP to your business will depend on the nature of your business, and can vary as your company grows.

The strongest IP strategies will utilise all forms of IP available to:

  • give investors confidence that they will get a return on investment. Depending on your timeline, your IP portfolio could be used to support the valuation of your company and attract investment and technology partners
  • make it harder for competitors to enter the market, which in turn protects your market share and potentially derive higher profit margins
  • strengthen brand image and visibility to showcase your company

To help you get started, we will cover five key points for building your own IP blueprint:

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