Potter Clarkson introduces IP tools to fuel business growth

Potter Clarkson has launched a suite of consultancy products to assist businesses and investors in their commercial decision-making, and support growth.

Built around the specific challenges faced by start-ups, SMEs and investors, these fixed-price IP tools are designed to maximise the commercial value from innovative ideas at each milestone, from initial funding to a company’s chosen exit route.

  • Kick-StartiP to help new businesses establish strong IP foundations to maximise value
  • ConsolidateiP designed to reshape a company’s IP strategy to support its future direction
  • VerifyiP to help bring a more commercially critical eye to investor due diligence

The suite of products includes Kick-StartiP, designed to help start-ups deliver their business plan and create maximum value from their innovations by embedding an effective IP approach at the outset.

For more established companies, ConsolidateiP provides a clear framework to review a company’s current IP approach, identify potential cost savings and opportunities to invest - all with the aim of preparing for the new trading environment and associated customer and market demands.

VerifyiP has been developed specifically for investors to provide a robust and commercial approach to due diligence. As well as confirming the facts on a company’s IP position in terms of the rights held, the firm’s consultants also examine whether there is a strategically sound plan and the necessary resources to maximise the IP assets and deliver a return.  

The firm’s range of consultancy products will continue to evolve, with the aim of creating a comprehensive portfolio of IP solutions that covers current and emerging business needs.

Steve Smith, managing partner at Potter Clarkson Group explains:

We’ve developed these tools to help companies use IP strategically to drive their business forward. We understand that clients need to manage expenditure and it was important to us that we deliver these services in a way that ensures certainty in terms of cost and outcomes. Now, more than ever, businesses and investors will want to be confident in their decision-making and smart IP choices can have a catalytic effect on growth.

“While securing IP rights is undoubtedly important, it is the scope and validity of these rights that makes the difference. Successful companies join the dots between their commercial ambitions and how they are going to leverage their IP rights to achieve them. From an investor’s perspective, evidence of this joined-up and commercially focussed approach can often tip the balance on investment decisions. We have seen valuations plummet by as much as 70% when the IP position is weaker than previously thought.”

Delivered by a multidisciplinary team of patent and trade mark attorneys, IP litigators and licensing lawyers, Potter Clarkson’s consultancy division was established earlier this year alongside the recruitment of Peter Finnie and Fiona Law, both of whom have a proven track record for strategic IP consultancy. The consultancy division aims to make it easier for businesses to develop and implement effective IP strategies to meet their commercial objectives.