Consolidating your most valuable asset

Our sole aim is to deliver successful outcomes for our clients. We do that by consolidating, protecting and enhancing your intellectual property so that together we can craft the IP strategy that will achieve your commercial goals in even the toughest of trading environments.

And few environments will be tougher than the one we find ourselves in today.

Without stating the obvious, this is a period of enormous change for all of us. The current crisis has forced us to find new ways to work and devise increasingly innovative ways to deliver the goods and services our clients will need going forward.

And as demands continue to change, it is inevitable that we will all have to adapt our products, plans and approaches accordingly, not just to see us through the next few months but to set us on the right road to a successful long-term future.

However, one thing hasn’t changed.

You still need to underpin your business plan with a robust set of intellectual property (IP) rights and make sure your IP portfolio reflects where you’re taking your business, not where you’ve been.

As you continue to innovate it is vital your new ideas and the commercial value they afford your business are fully protected. Similarly, you also need to identify which of your existing registered IP rights are no longer needed so you can save yourself the effort and expense of maintaining them.

Given the current circumstances, this is the perfect opportunity to take stock and ConsolidateiP will make that process faster and more efficient by:

  1. Bringing all of your existing IP rights together so they’re easier to manage while you pivot your plans to meet new market demands and unlock new opportunities
  2. Identifying all of your unused or unwanted registered IP rights so you can discard them and their associated costs straight away
  3. Suggesting how best to reinforce or realign your IP strategy with your new business plan so you come out of the current crisis stronger and absolutely ready for the next phase in your growth

And, given the current circumstances we are operating in, we can complete the entire exercise remotely via videoconference and email.

WHY DO YOU NEED TO Consolidate(your)iP?

Taking stock of what you have today will help you clearly identify what you need to do next. 

Once you have that information at your fingertips, you can start to make the business-critical decisions that will define the next phase of your business’s growth and make the changes that will keep you competitive and ready to take full advantage of the new opportunities you’ve identified.

In the short term ConsolidateiP will highlight:

  • Whether or not you have all the IP rights you’ll need to support your business plan
  • Whether there are any protection or enforcement gaps that need to be plugged now
  • Whether you could use any of your existing IP rights differently in order to create greater value for your business
  • Whether any of your rights are no longer relevant so that you can discard them and make instant savings

Looking longer term, ConsolidateiP will confirm:

  • Whether your existing IP rights map to the new direction you want your business to take
  • Whether your products and services will be protected as you start to explore new markets and new opportunities
  • Whether you need to refocus your IP priorities to support potential new applications for your products and services
  • Whether you will need additional protection for your latest ideas so you can safely pursue the new opportunities you’ve identified

HOW DOES ConsolidateiP WORK?

ConsolidateiP has been designed to achieve 3 very clear commercial objectives:

  • To bring your IP rights together so you have an accurate and current overview of what you have and what you don’t have
  • To highlight the unused or redundant IP rights you can discard
  • To enable you to formulate the practical, relevant and cost-effective IP strategy you’ll need to protect and grow your business as you adapt to an uncertain future

In terms of how we do that, we follow a straightforward 5-step model:


Would you like to find out more about the ConsolidateiP process? You can arrange to speak to one of our team or request a copy of our brochure by providing us with your details below.