UK Energy Plan has wide scope on energy storage solutions

The UK Government have released the Policy paper “British energy security strategy” with the aim of providing “secure, clean and affordable British energy for the long term.”

The policy includes plans for network infrastructure to support “domestic supply of clean and affordable electricity”.

It appears however that many of the technical solutions are on the table with the UK government aiming to encourage “all forms of flexibility with sufficient large-scale, long-duration electricity storage to balance the overall system by developing appropriate policy to enable investment”.

Hydrogen is also seen to be main part of the policy where it states that the government will ensure “consideration is given to the siting of hydrogen electrolysers to best use surplus low carbon electricity and reduce network constraints”.

Vehicle to grid is also mentioned as a key feature of delivering a more flexible, efficient system for both generators and users.

The policy mentions the aim to create a hyper-flexible and more efficient, locally-responsive system. A blueprint for the whole system is promised by the end of 2022 in the Holistic Network Design (HND) and Centralised Strategic Network Plan (CSNP). Stay tuned.