Madalina Mihai

Madalina Mihai

Associate - Patents

After studying for a PhD at the University of Cambridge, Madalina joined Potter Clarkson’s chemistry team in November 2019.

Following an MSci chemistry with pharmacology degree, Madalina spent a year working in industry, where she gained experience across various stages of the drug discovery process. She then focused on synthetic organic chemistry methodology during her PhD, developing her research skills and knowledge of chemistry and the pharmaceutical industry. During her PhD, Madalina co-authored several publications in the area of organic chemistry.



Madalina obtained her MSci chemistry with pharmacology degree from the University of Birmingham in 2014. She later studied for a PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Cambridge, which she completed in December 2019.


MSci (Hons), PhD


In her spare time, Madalina enjoys reading, baking and more recently trying to learn more languages.