Making breakthroughs in a competitive field

For many years, major international corporations have trusted the deep technical expertise and legal knowledge of our specialist chemistry attorneys and solicitors.

Across our large and established team, we have all areas of industrial chemistry covered - from bulk chemicals, dyestuffs, fats and oils to petrochemicals, polymers and materials. Most of the team are PhD holders or have hands-on experience of scientific research in a commercial environment, and that is important because it means you will be working with genuine specialists in your field. They know the right questions to ask to understand how best to support your business goals.

Navigating the complexities of this IP-intensive sector to help clients achieve their goals is what drives our skilled team. Not only do they know how to find a way through thickets of patents, they are also expert in crafting patent applications in view of limitations on what can be protected. Their rigorous and creative approach to problem-solving means that they will find a solution, even in what can appear to be impossible circumstances.

We are at the forefront of European opposition and appeal work in this field, having become one of a handful of ‘go-to’ firms for businesses across the sector. Working with us, you will have a formidable ally, with a wealth of technical and procedural experience on which to draw to secure the most favourable outcome.

You can be assured our team will understand the nuances of this sector and will provide considered and practical advice to help you to use IP as a catalyst for driving growth.